Friday, May 29, 2015

Welcome to the Gene Marshall Fashion Sleuth Pages

On these pages are photos featuring the original fashions that designers from Ashton Drake, Integrity Toys & JamieShow may have been inspired by, in creating outfits for the Gene Marshall doll line.

Click on the tabs at the top to view the photo collection. The photos are in alphabetical order based on the name of the dressed doll or fashion. 

I have found these photos on the web, through research, or shared by others. Thanks to Carolyn, Cathy, Diane, Holly, Jeff, Jennifer, Jim, Joe, Jurrie, Karen, Kathy, Kirill, Lori, Melissa, Robin, Pam, Patsy, Sandra, Steve, Suzanne, Tom, Tomi, Vince, Wayne, & Wilco for sharing photos they found or had!

If you have any photos you would like to share and include here, please email them to me, Mike at

If you discover any errors on a photo, please email me. Some photos do not list a designer or date and any information is greatly appreciated. 

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Latest additions:
4/9/2020 Swim-Suited to a T
1/26/2020 New photo for Cool Breeze Oona
9/9/2019 JamieShow 10th Anniversary Gene
6/28/2019 Swingtime Serenade
2/10/2019 Safari and Metropolitan Madra info correction
1/9/2019 V for Tea